Luke Carrick's love for the great outdoors started at a young age. Being raised in Yakima, Washington, just minutes from the beautiful eastern slopes of the Cascade mountain range, hunting was a huge part of his families life.

After Luke harvested his first big game animal at the age of 13 the obsession for hunting began. Many years of being successful in the field is when Luke realized his passion was assisting others in harvesting their trophy big game animal.

For the last 25 years Luke has been able to take many trophy animals of his own but almost 100% of his time is dedicated to helping others being successful in the field. For Luke there is no better accomplishment than to see the appreciation on the hunters face after they are able to harvest their trophy!

On average Luke spends 60 to 90 days in the field and around 500 miles of backpacking each year. Luke starts his scouting early every year on the winter range and dedicates himself every month to spending hours behind the glass watching and learning the animals and setting trail cameras.

Luke graduated from Yakima Valley Community College then took a job with Department of Social and Health Service for the state of Washington working in the maintenance department and has dedicated the last 18 years to his job.

Luke also has a beautiful 4 year old daughter who has been raised in the outdoors snowshoeing, backpacking and picking up sheds with her dad since she was only 7 months old!