I have been on two hunting adventures with Luke- the first one was a high country backpack archery elk hunt and the second was a rifle deer hunt, day hiking from a base camp into very rugged country. Luke's level of planning and preparation contributed to my success and enjoyment on both hunts; a trophy 6x6 bull and a respectable 4x4 buck. His backcountry skills, knowledge of the hunting area and the animals we were pursuing was outstanding. The level of physical effort Luke put into both hunts was very impressive. He is a strong backpacker, but he never pushed me beyond my own capability. In short I would call Luke a hunters' hunter and would recommend a hunt with him for anyone looking for a quality experience with high expectations for success.

S. Miller - Yakima, WA

I first met Luke through work several years ago and when I would run in to him a few times a year we would exchange recent hunting stories and pictures. In 2008 I drew a really good archery elk tag in a tough backcountry unit that I knew nothing about. I called Luke to ask if he would help me and without hesitation he said yes. Without his help I probably wouldn't have used the tag at all as the unit was very intimidating; what Luke taught me about the backcountry and proper gear, food, backpack, etc... during our scouting trips I would have never figured out on my own. It grew in to a friendship where we have hiked and hunted several times together since then. He has helped me personally to harvest my first archery animal (elk) as well as a black bear and a bobcat. I have been along on other hunts where he has helped other hunters harvest sheep, mule deer and bear. He has donated his time and done all of this out of the true thrill of the hunt; his only compensation is how much he thoroughly enjoys how special it is to whiteness someone else when they have success. Luke's ability in the backcountry is the very best. His physical conditioning and his sense of direction are at times to me almost unbelievable. He has helped pack animals and gear on his back that truly amazes me. Because he spends so much time in the backcountry studying animals, he also has the ability after locating an animal to anticipate their movement and to get a hunter in perfect position to have success and that is a unique skill in and of itself. I can't tell you how many times he has spotted an animal and then told me what the animal was going to do and sure enough he is spot on. I think that Luke is the best kept secret in the hunting community.

K. Allen - Spokane, WA

Luke Carrick is a hunting guide unlike any other. In fifteen years of outdoor writing over four continents, I have yet to meet an hunter and outdoorsman more committed to his craft, the land, and the game. Luke puts the time in throughout the year becoming familiar with the herd patterns, individual animal habits and how both change under a variety of environmental conditions. He's driven by a love for the hunt and for sharing the backcountry of Washington State with others, and his enthusiasm is infectious--even in the sleet and rain. But most importantly, Luke will put you on the game... the rest is up to you.

Len Waldron - Outdoor Writer, Guns and Ammo

Luke Carrick is a unbelievable guide and backpacker with a wealth of knowledge about backcountry hunting. On my spring bear hunt with Luke I had the hunt of a lifetime. Never being on a bear hunt or a backcountry hunt of any kind. Luke took me under his wing and taught me everything he could. From conserving energy, nutrition and what clothing to wear/pack on a grueling hunt. Even to what particular plants the deer and elk eat on the winter range. Anyone who hunts with Luke won't just have the best guide in the business they will gain a friend and a wealth of knowledge as I have.

T. Ralston - Kennewick, WA

Wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for an amazing spring bear hunt. I never imagined I would see 11 bears on a 4 day backpack trip. I have nobody to blame besides myself for not harvesting the trophy bear of my lifetime on that hunt. I'm very thankful that you reached out to help me when you learned I had a tag. You have more passion for hunting and the outdoors than anyone else I have ever met and I'm thankful to have met and learned from you. I will look forward to hunts in the future!!

J. Kyriss - Vancouver, WA