February 11, 2019 WezYanz

Derek Cooper

I was fortunate enough to draw the Washington Wild Sheep Foundation Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep tag for 2018.  After drawing the tag, I was almost immediately contacted by several individuals who wanted to help.  After talking with wildlife biologist, game wardens and other outfitters one name kept coming up – Luke Carrick.  I was a little hesitant to work with anyone as I have pretty much hunted on my own for over 40 years.  In spite of my feelings, I decided to give Luke a call and talk with him about my hunt.  The next day I drove to Yakima and spent a day with him talking about the hunt and learning to shoot Proof Research rifles at 1000 Yds.  I was 75% ready to work with Luke, but that didn’t matter to him – he was off scouting the Blue Mountains trying to locate and photograph sheep in the area.  After studying the Blue Mountains a bit, I quickly learned that it was not a hunt that I could do without some help.  I committed to Luke and it was the best decision I could have made.  At the end of my hunt I had 20 days into sheep hunting and Luke probably had twice that.  He put every spare moment he had into scouting the sheep and keeping tabs on them.   With my sheep at the taxidermist, meat in the freezer and looking back, Luke has and continues to be a friend and advocate and continues to work on photos and photo albums and the overall story of my hunt.  Luke is an outstanding individual who has dedicated his life to his love of nature and the outdoors.  He is committed to the outdoor experience and I sincerely hope to get the opportunity to hunt with Luke again.