November 13, 2017 WezYanz

J.D. Shelton

I’ve know Luke for over 20 years and have had the privilege to hunt with him on multiple occasions. The first time was during my first opportunity to harvest an elk where Luke called in a 1×2 spike bull that I arrowed at 10 yards. It was a great experience for my first successful elk hunt. Most recently I hunted with Luke on a spring bear hunt in NE Oregon and was able to take a mature Black Bear on my first day. The great thing about hunting with Luke is that it’s also a great learning experience and he graciously shares the years of back country hunting expertise that I have been able to use throughout my hunting adventures. Luke works harder than anyone I know putting in the miles and learning the areas and patterns of the animals he’s hunting. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Luke for any big game adventures to anyone looking to have a great time and learn a lot.