Jeffery Perez

I’ve been on a bunch of big game mountain hunts… one of my biggest regrets is not capturing the moments. You are always so hyper focused on the hunt, that 14 days goes by in a blink of an eye… of course, you’ll have some pics of your journey taken with your smartphone and you might think its enough but it’s not!!

After meeting Luke at the Sheep show, I hired him to photograph my lifelong dream hunt at the famous Tiburon Island… not only did he take over 5K pics in a span of 12 days, but he is also a top-level sheep guide!! I didn’t even notice him taking candid pictures of my whole trip!!

I received my photo album from Tiburon Island this past winter, I was in awe… my friends and family finally were able to understand my love for the mountains…

When you spend years saving for that hunt and months getting in shape, you never think about remembering the adventures when you are in your later years…

That photo album to me is more important than the mount on the wall… because over time memories fade but pictures last forever!!

Jeffery Perez

Franklin Lakes, New Jersey