November 13, 2017 WezYanz

Ken Allen

I first met Luke through work several years ago and when I would run in to him a few times a year we would exchange recent hunting stories and pictures. In 2008 I drew a really good archery elk tag in a tough backcountry unit that I knew nothing about. I called Luke to ask if he would help me and without hesitation he said yes. Without his help I probably wouldn’t have used the tag at all as the unit was very intimidating; what Luke taught me about the backcountry and proper gear, food, backpack, etc… during our scouting trips I would have never figured out on my own. It grew in to a friendship where we have hiked and hunted several times together since then. He has helped me personally to harvest my first archery animal (elk) as well as a black bear and a bobcat. I have been along on other hunts where he has helped other hunters harvest sheep, mule deer and bear. He has donated his time and done all of this out of the true thrill of the hunt; his only compensation is how much he thoroughly enjoys how special it is to whiteness someone else when they have success. Luke’s ability in the backcountry is the very best. His physical conditioning and his sense of direction are at times to be almost unbelievable. He has helped pack animals and gear on his back that truly amazes me. Because he spends so much time in the backcountry studying animals, he also has the ability after locating an animal to anticipate their movement and to get a hunter in perfect position to have success and that is a unique skill in and of itself. I can’t tell you how many times he has spotted an animal and then told me what the animal was going to do and sure enough, he is spot on. I think that Luke is the best-kept secret in the hunting community.