February 11, 2019 WezYanz

Ken Noble

I have something to say about Guiderite Adventures, if you’re lucky enough to draw a quality hunt or even heading out during the general season I recommend hooking up with Luke.

I was one of the lucky hunters last year to draw an awesome Archery elk tag in the Wenaha east unit, Luke and his family had base camp set up before the season started, which made it nice for scouting. The hunt went better than I could ever of imagined, Luke worked his butt off running around behind me calling multiple bulls in every day with me have the opportunity to shoot whatever bull I felt was the one thanks to the lucky feather. When you hunt with Luke have him tell the story of the lucky feather.
The photos and video of the hunt will last for ever of my son and I in the wilderness with Guiderite. If you have the opportunity give Luke a call for a great experience in the wilds of Washington.
Thanks Luke,
 Ken Noble